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  • Copyright Issues for Digital Archives (SAA*)
  • Managing Electronic Records in Archives and Special Collections (SAA)
  • Digital Forensics, Foundational (SAA)
  • Digital Forensics, Advanced (SAA)


  • Digital Repositories (SAA)
  • Digital Curation: Creating an Environment for Success (SAA)
  • Arrangement and Description of Electronic Records, Parts 1 and II (SAA)
  • Information Architecture (SAA)
  • Electronic Records: The Next Step (SAA)
  • Beginner’s Guide to Metadata (SAA)
  • Basics of Managing Electronic Records (SAA)


  • Basics of Records Management (California State Historical Records Advisory Board)


  • Managing Dollars and Cents: A Tool for Archival Outreach and Advocacy (SAA)


  • Archives Leadership Institute (University of Wisconsin-Madison/National Historical Records and Publications Commission)


  • Privacy and Health Information: a Guide (SAA)
  • Bringing Primary Sources to the Classroom (Northwest Archivists/Library of Congress)


  • Train the Trainer (SAA)
  • More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing (Alaska State Historical Records Advisory Board)
  • Thinking Digital… A Practical Session to Help You Get Started (SAA)
  • Electronic Records—Preservation Options of PDF (SAA)


  • Cataloging and Metadata 101 for moving image materials (Association of Moving Image Archivists)
  • Culturally Sensitive Teaching (Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence, University of Alaska Anchorage)


  • Hands-On Recovery of Water-Damaged Materials (Northwest Archivists Inc.)


  • Teaching Online: A Training Course for Distance Education Instructors (University of Alaska Anchorage)


  • Subject Analysis and Authority (Utah Library Association, Library of Congress)
  • Encoded Archival Description (SAA)
  • Archival Cataloging as a Component of Description (SAA)


  • Appraisal (SAA)

* SAA: Society of American Archivists

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.