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 Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio.

My name is Audriana Pleas and I am a lifelong Alaskan hailing from Eagle River. Last year I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA in History and Journalism and Public Communications. In addition, I served as the Station Manager of the college radio station KRUA 88.1 FM for the better part of three years and other student centric organizations.


I enjoy adventures with life jackets and traveling despite my immense fear of flying. My everyday routine is comparable to Where’s Waldo? And The Adventures of the Babysitters Club


On rare occasions I moonlight as a disc jockey, sports commentator, event host and organizer when beckoned. As a trusted member of the community, I find value in networking and interacting with like mined individuals. I possess a wicked knowledge of retrospective ideals and events.


With free time, I enjoy embarking on freelance projects such as creating multimedia products and writing opinion articles. One of my current schemes is writing and tracking friends around the world through a big pen pal exchange that will commence in June 2015. I also dabble in a little bit of graphic design. 


In the near future I plan of expanding my life outside of Alaska in an effort to find new opportunities. Moreover, to indulge in professionally demanding work in my preferred career of communications.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.