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Welcome to the Native Cultural Identity ePortfolio.  We hope that you will use this tool to record and share your journey of growing and learning about self, from your perspective as a Native person in the 21st century.  Thank you for joining our eCommunity.


My Holistic Healthy Way of Life:


Many Native tribes believe human beings experience spiritual growth throughout their lifetime. We can reach understandings, an awarenesses, "llangaqtuq" (Sugpiaq and Yupik), "Qarri" (Inupiaq).   As we journey through life, we experience many things including challenges and successes.  


Through our learning experiences we come to realize how we are to live a way of life that is good.  As we "llangaqtug" we will come to understand we must live life healthy, for ourselves, our family and community.  A healthy way of life demonstrates a balance of Knowledge, Physical, Provider, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual wellness. 


Native Cultural Identity

Holistic Health


Describe your thoughts on the importance of maintaining a holistically healthy way of life. What motivates you to live life healthy?

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.