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Accessing the OURS Application Portfolio


This example uses the OURS community to demonstrate accessing an application portfolio.

You can access the application portfolio once you've enrolled in the community. Login to eWolf and select the proper community by clicking on its name. Once you’re in the community, select e-Portfolios.

From this screen, click on Create e-Portfolio From Template to adopt the application template.

Upon clicking “Create e-Portfolio From Template”, the portfolio’s setting menu will open. Title the portfolio with your full name and the award, grant, or scholarship you’re applying for.

Scroll down to “Permissions” and click Custom Permissions in the bottom right.

You’ll see that both faculty and students who belong to the OURS Grants and Awards community have viewer access to your portfolio. Remove student viewer access, by clicking Remove next to the student option. Be sure to complete this step!


For this portfolio, do not allow Tagging and do not allow comments. Scroll to the bottom and click Create New e-Portfolio. Once you click Create New e-Portfolio, you’re new portfolio will open.

Congratulations, you’ve now created your application portfolio!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.