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Adding a rubric to assignment assessment


1) Add an assignment step and select Rubric.


2) Fill out all of the information as described in "Create Assignments & Workflows". Before hitting Save, select the dropdown menu under This step assesses. All steps in the workflow will appear. Select the assignment the rubric will be applied to.



 3) Directly under This step assesses a rubric can be uploaded. Select Change to add a rubric.



4) A new window will open where you can either select a rubric from the rubric collection or another course, or you can Create New Rubric. Select Create New Rubric. *Depending on the browser, a warning to open a new page may appear. Accept the new page.


Add Rows for each area of assessment. Add Columns for each level of assessment. To name the columns and rows, as well as adjust points, click on the name for each box (Row 1, Column 1, etc.). The select Save.

 5) Include the Passing Score and select how the score will be shown to students, as a Sum or as an Average.


 6) Select Done after all information is included.


The rubric is now created. The next step is to add it to the course.


7) In the Rubric step, click Change next to Rubric.


8) Select Choose New Rubric From Library to access the newly created rubric.




9) Use the My courses dropdown menu and select the course you worked in to create the rubric (most likely, the course you're currently working in). Select the course once located and click Go. 


10) The newly created rubric will be there. Click Select.


11) Save the step to complete the process.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.