DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

To Add a Creative Commons License Module


1. Select the ePortfolio you are working on.


2. Click on the section and page where you want to add a Creative Commons License.


3. If you have not yet added a module to the page, the default setting will show the module settings to choose from.



If you already added a module to this page, you can add another module by clicking the Add a Module button to the right, located below the Sections bar. Once Add a Module is clicked, the box containing module options will appear.




4. Rich Text is the default module selected. Click Social and select Creative Commons License. Click Add This Module on the bottom right corner.



5. Select answers for the three options listed below. To read more about the licences and creative commons, please visit the Creative Commons Website. You may choose to fill out information (RDF- Resource Description Framework) for the metadata (data about data).


When you have selected your options and/or filled out the information below, click Save and Publish.



6. To confirm this module, click Publish Changes.


7. Click View to see the module.



8. To move your module around the page in relation to other modules, click and hold the Drag to Reorder tab in the upper right corner of the module. Drag the module to the desired location.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.