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To Add a Credly Module*


1. Select the ePortfolio you are working in.


2. Click on the section and page where you want to add your badges.


3. If you have not yet added a module to the page, the default setting will show the module settings to choose from.




If you already added a module to this page, you can add another module by clicking the Add a Module button to the right, located below the Sections bar. Once Add a Module is clicked, the box containing module options will appear.



4. You will notice that the Rich Text module is selected as default.  Select Social and from the dropdown menu select the Credly. Click Add This Module in the bottom corner.


 5. Enter your Credly username and password* in the appropriate boxes and click Load to upload your earned Credly badges.


*If you do not yet have a Credly account, you will need to register with Credly at http://credly.com.


6. Once you've loaded the badges, select the desired badge(s) for the page by clicking on the badge. A green check (√) mark will appear in the badge's upper right corner. You may select more than one badge.



7. Click Save in the module's lower right corner in order to save your work.

**NOTE: Saving your work does not publish it for others to see. You must save THEN publish your page for others to see your work.



8. a) If you only want to only publish work on this module, click the Publish tab at the top of the module to allow others to view your work.



The following screen will appear and click Publish Changes.



b) If you want to publish all changes on the page, including work you may have saved in multiple modules under that page, click √ Publish This Page.



 The following screen will appear and click Publish All Changes.



10. To see what the module(s) looks like to viewers, select the View Text tab at the top of the module.




11. To move the module around the page in relation to other modules, click the View Text tab at the top of your module. A tab labeled Drag to Reorder will appear above the upper right corner of the module. Click and drag the module to the desired location.



* For more information on badging, please see the badging section in FAQ.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.