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Enrolling in a Community


To login, go to UAA’s main page (www.uaa.alaska.edu) and click on Quick Links in the upper right corner. Select eWolf ePortfolio. This takes you to the main eWolf login page. Once there, click Login and enter your UAA username and password. Then click Log in* .

* If this is your first time logging in, you will have to accept Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

In the top navigation bar, you will see Home, People, Courses, e-Portfolios, Subscriptions, and Help? Select Courses.




This directs you to a new screen that lists courses you’re currently enrolled in. Scroll down to My Communities and then click Find.


In this screen you can search for Communities. Type the community name in the “Find Course” field and click Search. In this example, we are using the "OURS" community for the Office of Undergraduate Research.


The community you seek should appear. Here, the OURS Grants and Awards Community appears. Click on the community name.



 You can now enroll in the community by selecting Enroll. 




Congratulations, you are now enrolled in the community! 


Once enrolled, you will have access to the community from your eWolf homepage.  To  access the community, login to eWolf and scroll down to Communities. Find the community listed there and click on the community name.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.