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Digication "classic" (the version still in production as of fall 2017) still needs flash Adobe Flash enabled to access the full set of suite services. Some browsers have disabled Flash by default. Your first step is to see if Flash is enabled. Go to 




and click on the "Check Now" button. If you get an error message you will need to enable Flash.


To enable Flash on your browsers follow the steps listed here on the Digication Help Site....


   Enabling Flash for Chrome


   Enabling Flash for Safari


   Enabling Flash for Firefox





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How To Allow Flash Permissions - Google Chrome


If you are using Google Chrome, our team has found a quick and easy way to fix and set your Flash permissions for ePortfolio. 


1) Login to ePortfolio and navigate to your Home Screen. 



2) Click on the green "Secure" button next to the URL of the webpage.



3) In the drop-down menu that appeared when you clicked on "Secure", click on the "Flash" option next to the puzzle piece



4) Select "Always allow on this site". This will fix most of your Flash related issues on Google Chrome.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.