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 How to grant group members ePortfolio access


You may assign group work and/or a group project in a course. ePortfolios make a great collaboration tool. Multiple students can work in an ePortfolio to document, edit, and publish work. The following instructions walk a student on how to add classmates to a group ePortfolio.


To grant team members/other users access to an ePortfolio, you may do so right as you create an ePortfolio. Have the team leader do the following:


1) Under Permissions, choose either Private within University of Alaska or Public (Do NOT set as Private).


**If you are working as a team, the team leader will then click on Custom Permissions on the bottom right.



2) An Additional Permissions box will appear. Type a group member email address or name in the textbox. To add more group members, click the plus on the left side and add the next member.


3) Adjust settings to give each group member their assigned role. It is encouraged to change add members as Admin unless otherwise instructed. 




4) After all group members are added, click Save on the bottom left.




NOTEIf you've already created your ePortfolio and want to add group members after the fact, you may do so from the following instructions: 


 1) Log in to the ePortfolio, click Portfolio Tools on the top right corner.



2) Click Settings.




3) Follow steps 1 - 4 in the first section.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.