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Submitting your work to a Course


There are two ways to submit your work to a Digication Course. You can submit directly from your eportfolio or you can go to the course and submit from the Assignment tab.

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Submitting through your ePortfolio


1) Select the desired portfolio.


2) Make sure all of the submission areas are finalized and that all pages/modules are Saved and Published. For more information on saving and publishing work, click here.


3) Select Portfolio Tools in portfolio's upper right corner.



4) From the dropdown box, select Submit.



5) A new window will open asking which assignment you'd like to submit to. Select the appropriate assignment.





6) After selecting the appropriate assignment, a window will open where you can select either the entire portfolio to submit or sections/pages of the portfolio to submit.* Click the Sections and Pages that you'd like to submit. In the example below, the Section "Home with hipster filler text" and the Page "hipster filler text" along with the Subpage "cupcake filler text" are all selected for submission.


 *Be sure you know what you're being asked to submit, whether a part of the portfolio or a piece of the portfolio.


7) Once you've finished selecting the desired Sections/Pages, click Submit. A final window will open confirming your submission. This window will also allow you to view what was submitted and to undo the submission.


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 Submitting through your Course


To submit an assignment using Digication's course feature, there are 3 different steps you can choose from. You can either Upload a document, submit a page from your ePortfolio, or enter the document in Rich Text.


Upload an assignment:


1) Click on the assignment tab in your class. 


2) Click on the assignment that you want to work on.


3) Click on Upload, then choose files:


4) Go to directory where your completed assignment is stored. To add the assignment, double click on the file name.



Add assignment from your ePortfolio:


1) Click on the ePortfolio tab and choose your ePortfolio.


2) Arrow down to the page that the assignment you would like add is on. Double click.


Add assignment manually using Rich Text 


1) Click on Rich Text and manually add in your assignment.


2) Click SAVE and SUBMIT.





 **Verify box labeled "evidence submitted" on the assignments page to ensure your upload was completed.** 


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