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How do I upload a PowerPoint?


For general uploading, please see How do I add a file? in the left toolbar.


*Please note that uploading a PowerPoint to your eportfolio can be problematic. The viewer must have a PowerPoint program on their computer to view the PowerPoint, and there are some differences when PowerPoint is opened on a Mac OS versus a Windows OS. You may want to use Google Presentation and the Google Module.


My file is too large to upload. Now what? If your file is too large (PowerPoint with audio can easily exceed 20 MB) you can save your presentation as smaller sections and title it "Part One," "Part Two," or even title it by content/subject.


I tried to create a video with my PowerPoint, but the sound I recorded is not a part of the video. It's a "silent movie." Is this normal? Unfortunately PowerPoint is not the proper program for making a video, it's really best as just aiding a presentation. The audio does not transfer when making a movie. We have several suggestions if you want to make a movie:

    • If you want to link to a slide show with sound, you can use SesameThis will not produce a movie for you to download, and it will not produce an embedding video. It will produce a link to the hosting site of the PowerPoint/audio "movie." There needs to be one audio clip per slideshow for the audio/slides to match up.
    • Use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (preferred) 

How can I open a "new" PowerPoint file if I have an older version of PowerPoint? It is possible to download a Compatibility Pack to allow new versions of PowerPoint to be opened on an older version. See Microsoft Support


How can I get PowerPoint downloaded on my personal computer? Stony Brook offers free or low-cost installation of Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows at the DoIT site.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.