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To create and/or adjust a background image


You can either start with an image you already have and use programs such as Photoshop or Pic Monkey to adjust them, or you can use programs such as Colour Lover to create a pattern or select from a variety of available patterns.


Colour Lover


Go to colourlover.com and either create a pattern or select one of the shared patterns on the site.


Be sure to pay attention to the Creative Commons rights and give attribution when and how indicated.


If you're changing the colors they've provide, you may want to reference Adobe Color to find colors that work well together.


Once you've created or found a pattern you'd like to use,





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To add a background image


After logging in to Digication, select the ePortfolio that you'd like to modify. Click on Portfolio Tools and select Settings.



Under Choose a Theme, click on Customize.


 Scroll down and select Use Background Image and click Choose File.


 **To create a background image, refer to Resources.


Select the desired background image and click Open. *Be sure that you own or have permission to use the image.



Select any additional options you desire. It is recommended to repeat the image both horizontally and vertically.


To preview, click Preview and to save changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

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To change background color


Select the desired portfolio. In the portfolio's upper right corner, select Portfolio Tools and choose Settings from the dropdown menu.


Scroll down to Choose a Theme and select Customize.




Scroll down to Page Background. Select the box prior to Page Background to this indicating that you want to use the selected color.


Click the box after Page Background and scroll through the color box, or insert the hmtl color code, to select the desired color.



Once the desired color is selected, scroll to the bottom and Save your changes.

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There are three main ways to change your background. The first, and easiest, is to simply change the background color. The second, which is relatively easy, is to add an image you already have and is ready to be used. The third, which can be easy but definitely more time consuming, is to create and/or edit a background.


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