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Create a banner using one of the links below.


Requirements for a banner:

Your image file must be a .JPEG file.

Image size required: 779 x 212 pixels.


Note: You may upload a larger or smaller image. For larger images, only a portion of large images will be displayed. For smaller images, they will not fill the entire space available, unless you set the image to repeat both horizontally and vertically. 


To Change Your Banner:

1. Log in to https://alaska.digication.com.


2. Click on your ePortfolio.

    • If you have multiple ePortfolios where you'd like this image to appear, you will have to repeat this process for each of them. 

You should now be on the home page of your ePortfolio. In the upper right hand corner of the page is a drop down menu called Portfolio Tools.


3. Click on Portfolio Tools and select Settings.


4. Under Choose a Theme, click the grey button labeled Customize.


5. Scroll down to Header Image.


6. Click Upload New Image and then Choose File.


7. Upload your new image. If this is a smaller image you want to repeat in the background, then be sure to check both the options (horizontal and vertical) under Background Image Repeat.


8. Once you have found and uploaded your image, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


Note: It is not possible to click, drag, or resize the image once it has been uploaded. If you are not happy with your new banner, you will have to resize the image you want and repeat this process. Some students find it easiest to take a screenshot of their image exactly the size of the banner space and upload that screenshot.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Utilize one of the following resources to make a banner.


  • Pickmoney is a free site that allows for image editing, cropping, and text overlay.  It's easy to use and exports in several file formats. This site is best if you already have an image to use.



  • Colourlovers is a fun free site to create background images and more.



  • Adobe Color CC is a good resource to help you find a matching color scheme.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.