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Create a Resume


An effective resume is concise, easy to read, and organized. It often SHOWS rather than TELLS. It can have a mixture of text, images, links to company pages, and logos.


Make sure you are logged in and select the appropriate ePortfolio. Make sure the ePortfolio is in Edit mode.



1. Create a Resume section by clicking Add/Edit next to View Sections, and click Add Section.

2. Title the section Resume and Save.


3. Click Add A Module and the Rich Text module is automatically selected.


4. Click Add This Module at the bottom of the module box.


5. Click the Edit tab in order to add text, images, or tables to your module.


6a. If you have a resume in a Word file, you can copy and paste the resume using the Paste from Word icon.




6b. If you already have a resume in a PDF file, you can upload the document in the PDF viewer. Select the Insert Media icon.


Browse your computer for the resume PDF file. Once you've selected the file, click Insert to upload the file.



Once the file is uploaded, a yellow placeholder box will appear. This box will show while the module is in edit mode.


Now, Save and Publish the changes. Click View Text or Published at the very top to see the saved work. Viewers can scroll through the PDF in the module.

6c. Don't have a resume yet, enter the information directly into the textbox. Be sure to spell check it before publishing.


** Do not include your home address or phone number. Only include a professional email, like @alaska.edu or @gmail.com. You may want to include a Contact Form module.


Resume formatting

Include a section for:

  • Education: Institutions, Degree, Anticipated Graduation, GPA only if it is impressive, Related Coursework
  • Volunteer Work
  • Job Experience
  • Awards/Honors
  • Internships
  • Clubs and Campus Involvement

*Is there something on your resume that you're really proud of? Have a lot of experience in a single area? Would a longer explanation or pictures and videos of a company/organization/experience/award be helpful to your reader? Consider creating a page to the left or section at the top in order to further highlight your strengths.


7. Insert an image with the Insert Media button in the module's toolbar.


8. We recommend that you select a picture that is saved on your computer. Click Browse to find a picture. You can choose to align the picture left or right. The picture size can be adjusted by entering a number into one field and leaving the second field blank.You can also adjust the image once it's uploaded by clicking and dragging the image's handles. After the image is selected, click Insert to upload the picture.


*Warning: adjusting pictures larger than 300 will result in distortion and pixelation. Add large pictures in a media module or in the gallery module* 


9. Adjust text and picture placement with the justifying icons in the toolbar of the module.



10. Make sure to spell check with the √ABC icon in the module's toolbar.


11. Add a hyperlink by highlighting text and clicking the Insert/Edit Link icon. *Note: Set Target: Open link in a New Window so your viewer can switch between your ePortfolio and the link.

*Also: Title your link so when the mouse hovers over the link there is a caption. *Finally: Color your link blue so the viewer knows it is a link rather than just underlined text.


12. Click Save in the upper left corner to save the work.


13. Click the View Text tab at the top of the module to view your work.


14. Click the black 'Publish' button on the top of the module to publish the module


15. Click Publish Changes to confirm publishing the module and to allow others to view the changes.


16. View the module by clicking Published View.


*To move the module around the page in relation to other modules, click Edit at the top of the screen. A tab on the module labeled 'Drag to Reorder' will appear above the upper right corner of the module. Click and drag the module to the desired location.


Good examples of Resumes can be found below

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User-uploaded Content
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
User-uploaded Content
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