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Submitting your application portfolio

Before submitting:

If there is a Getting Started section, be sure to delete it before submitting. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Be sure all Sections and Pages are Published. The best way to see what's in draft mode is to pretend you're submitting your application by opening your portfolio, clicking Portfolio Tools > Submit. Select the grant, award, scholarship, or showcase you are submitting to. For example, choose “ISER Policy Research Award” and then select submit.

An outline of your portfolio will pop up. Look for the word Draft next to any Sections/Pages indicating that the section/page is not yet published (see image below). Do not hit submit at this time! Instead, note these sections/pages on a piece of paper and go back to your portfolio to publish drafts before continuing.


Do a final review of your information to make sure your application is complete and that your Cover Page is filled out.

When it’s time to submit

  • Open your portfolio.
  • Click on Portfolio Tools > Submit.
  • Locate the grant or award you are applying to > Select it by clicking on it. (See image below.)
  • Select the blank circle to the left of the portfolio's title. This will turn all of the circles next to all of the Sections and Pages green indicating they've been selected for submission. *Be sure you don't see any drafts. (See image below.)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

A visual instruction set with images can be found here.


Congratulations, you've submitted your portfolio!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.