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Using Google Apps with Digication

Every UAA student has a Google account and access to Google Apps through their UAA email account. Google Apps includes an array of programs a student could use to complete coursework, such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations, and more. Google Apps are also great for collaborative work as multiple people can access to and edit within a Google App file at one time. Instead of uploading a file as a hyperlink, Google Apps can be embedded into an ePortfolio and displayed within the page itself. This makes for a more visually attractive page and there are no program incompatibilities with files.


Things to consider before using Google Apps in Digication

There are some items to consider before allowing students to use Google Apps in their ePortfolios. The most important is with assessment. When students submit their ePortfolio for assessment, Digication takes a snapshot of the submitted ePortfolio. This means that the ePortfolio submitted for assessment is static and timestamped. Students may make changes to their ePortfolio but those changes will NOT appear on the submitted work. However, any work that is hosted on an outside service (YouTube, Google Apps, etc.) is not static within Digication. These files are hosted outside of the ePortfolio and any changes to those files appear everywhere the file lives. Changes in an outside file that could affect assessment includes permission settings, editing, accreditation requirements, and more.


*Work-around: If you will use ePortfolios for assessment, it is good practice to remind students they will have to export their Google App files into a PDF file and then upload the PDF as a media, or copy and paste the work directly into their ePortfolio.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.