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How to Create a Course


1. Log in to alaska.digication.com.


2. On the homepage, click Courses located on the top taskbar.


3. Under My Courses, click Create.


 4. To create the course, fill in the following information.


Title: enter the course title that will appear in the directory. It is a good idea to include the course number as well as the year and semester. Ex: ENGL A111: Methods of Written Communication, Spring 2015. *If there are multiple sections of the course, consider including the section number.


Course number: Enter the course CRN number.


Description: This can be from the CCG, your syllabus, the online catalogue.

****Notes: If you want your students to be able to enroll in your course, select the check box for Allow Student to Enroll. If you want to add the student names yourself, you do not need to check this box.


When is this available: fill in the dates the course starts and ends.


What tools do I need?By default, all options are selected. De-select any tool you will not use in the course. * Keep Portfolios selected.


5) Once all of the information is updated, click Create on the bottom left.


To add students:


1) On the course's homepage, under the Course Checklist, select on Click here to add students. *Warning: Internet Explorer may inhibit the "Adding Students" feature. Try a different browser, like Chrome.




2) A screen to search for and add students will appear. Look up the student's name, email address, or username from the course roster*. Selection the appropriate student based on the names that appear. Click on the plus sign next to the student's name to add him/her to your class.

 *This information can be accessed via Blackboard or UAOnline.



3) Once students are enrolled in the course, select Save in the bottom left. The course will appear under the Courses tab on your homepage.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.