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How to use the ePortfolio Directory


1. Click on the e-Portfolios link on the top taskbar,.



2. Select to search for an ePortfolio with:

    • My e-Portfolios to search for the eportfolios you are the owner of.
    • By Person to search for the eportfolio owner.
    • By Course to search for a specific course.
    • By Title to search for the title of the eportfolio.
    • By Tag to search for the eportfolios that have been tagged.
    • By Category to search for eportfolios of a specific category.

3. You can aslo sort eportfolios within each category by the dropdown box by:

    • Title
    • School
    • Last Updated
    • Last Created
    • Number of Hits

Note: If you are logged in to your account, you can view eportfolios within the University of Alaska system. If you are a visitor or not logged in, you can only view eportfolios that are set to Public.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.