DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

1) Log in to Digication and select the appropriate ePortfolio. Go to Portfolio Tools in the top right corner and arrow down to Settings.




2) There are three different settings in the Permissions* section:


  a) Private (to you only).


  b) Private within the University of Alaska (viewable only by those with a UAA Digication account).


  c) Public (available on the web and anyone can see).



* Permissions now has a new feature for Private within University of Alaska and Public. You can create a portfolio and give access to selected individuals by opting into the Require password for access. To do this, check the Require password for access box and create a password. You will have to provide the password for ALL users, regardless if they have an eWolf account, so they can gain access to your portfolio.


**Note: It is highly recommended that you leave your ePortfolio on the "Private within the University of Alaska" setting. If you chose Private (to only you), the professor may have limited, if any access, to your portfolio and your grading could be affected.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.