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To Add a Gallery Module


1. Select the ePortfolio you are working on.


2. Click on the section and page where you want to add artifacts.


3. If you have not yet added a module to the page, the default setting will show the module settings to choose from.



If you already added a module to this page, you can add another module by clicking the Add a Module button to the right, located below the Sections bar. Once Add a Module is clicked, the box containing module options will appear.




4. Rich Text is the default module selected. Click the Gallery module and then click Add This Module in the bottom right corner. 



5. Click Add Media to add images.




6. By default, the From My Computer tab is selected. You may browse for files from your computer or click the Media From Web* tab to upload media.


 * If you are using media from the web, make sure to obtain permission from the creator, and/or Creative commons, and/or it is fully cited.


7. Click Done after the media uploads.



**To add a caption to your images, click Edit Caption, type your caption, and then click Save Caption.




8. If you want to add more images than you initially selected, click the Add Media button again.




9. To rearrange images, simply click and drag the image to the desired location. To replace an image already uploaded with another image, click the Change Image/Video button.



10. Choose how you would like your image thumbnails to be displayed by clicking one of the three options listed next to Select Thumbnail Layout (located to the left of the Add Media button and underneath the red DRAFT bar.)




Click the View Gallery tab at the top of your module to view your gallery.


11. Click Publish at the top of the module to allow others to view this module.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.



If you would like more information on this tutorial we have included a video by one of our partner schools, Salt Lake Community College. The video may contain some login information and system information pertaining to Salt Lake Community College, but by clicking the same buttons and entering your UA information into the fields provided you should be able to achieve the same results. 


For more information please feel free to contact our tutors at: eWolfcoach@alaska.edu

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.