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To Add an Image/Video/Audio Module


1. Select the ePortfolio you are working on.


2. Click on the section and page where you want to add artifacts.


3. If you have not yet added a module to the page, the default setting will show the module settings to choose from.



If you already added a module to this page, you can add another module by clicking the Add a Module button to the right, located below the Sections bar. Once Add a Module is clicked, the box containing module options will appear.




4. Rich Text is the default module selected. Click the Image/Video/Audio module and then click Add This Module to the bottom right.



5. Click Replace This Media to add an image, video, or sound clip.




6. The From My Computer tab is selected as default. This selection allows you to browse files from your computer. To upload media located from the web*, select Media From Web tab.



 **Make sure you either have permission from the creator, and/or the material falls under Creative Commons, and/or it is full cited.


7. After you have uploaded your file, click Done on the bottom left.



8. You must now publish your media by clicking Publish This Page on the top right.



9. Click Publish All Changes.





10. To rearrange modules on this page, click the View Text tab at the top of the module. A tab labeled Drag to Reorder will appear above the upper right corner of the module. Click and drag the module to the desired location.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.