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How to Change Navigation Colors

The steps for changing text color are similar to changing the ePortfolio background.


Once inside the Custom CSS section, we are going to change the code inside the  #site_topnav ul li a { } section. 


To change the color of the navigation bar, replace the code after color: # with the color code of your choice.


body  {


color: #222222;


#site_topnav ul li a   {

color: #66ee33;



To have the color change when the mouse is over the navigation links add the following code:


#site_topnav a:hover, #footer a:hover

color: #66e33;

Note: The default color of the text in ePortfolio is black. Make sure to choose a background color that will allow your text to be visible to viewers.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.