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How do I make my ePortfolio public?


There are three different privacy settings. Changing the privacy settings for one of your ePortfolios will not affect the privacy settings of any other ePortfolios you may have. 


Public ePortfolios can be found by performing an internet search. If you want to put the link to your ePortfolio on your resume, use your ePortfolio to build your internet identity, or even be featured as a model ePortfolio (and subsequently be eligible for student showcases), you must change your ePortfolio settings to Public. However, it is prudent to be mindful of any sensitive information you have posted on your ePortfolio, e.g., phone numbers or home addresses. Do not post your home address or personal phone number. Instead, use the Contact Form module.


After logging into your ePortfolio account, select the desired ePortfolio and go to the top right of the page and click on Portfolio Tools -> Settings.



Scroll down the page until you see Permissions.


Under Permissions*, click either Public or Private Within University of Alaska. ePortfolios that are Private Within University of Alaska will only be viewable by other students and faculty logged into a Digication account. Public ePortfolios can be viewed by anyone. 

    • If you are planning on using an ePortfolio on your resume or LinkedIn account, you must set Permissions to Public.

 * Permissions now has a new feature for Private within University of Alaska and Public permission settings. You can create a portfolio and give access to selected individuals by opting into the Require password for access. To do this, check the Require password for access box and create a password. You will have to provide the password for ALL users, regardless if they have an eWolf account, so they can gain access to your portfolio.


When you are done changing your permissions, scroll down to the bottom left of the page and click Save.



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If you would like more information on this tutorial we have included a video by one of our partner schools, Salt Lake Community College. The video may contain some login information and system information pertaining to Salt Lake Community College, but by clicking the same buttons and entering your UA information into the fields provided you should be able to achieve the same results. 


For more information please feel free to contact our tutors at: eWolfcoach@alaska.edu

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.