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How do I create a Story Board?

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Creating a story board is the same as uploading a gallery of images. To learn more about the Gallery Module, click the Gallery Module link in the left toolbar. 



Once you upload an image, you may add a caption to the image. Having related images and captions allows for a storyboard that is unique and attractive to viewers.



To Add a Gallery Module


1. Click on the page that you would like to add content to.


2. If you have already added a module to this page, you can add another module by clicking the Add a Module button on the left side of the page underneath your section box. If it's a new page, the Add a Module will appear by default.


3. Click the Gallery module and then select the Add This Module button in the bottom left corner. 


4. Click the Edit tab and then click Add Media in order to add multiple images.


5. Browse and Upload the  images.


6. If you want to add more images than initially selected, simply click the Add Media button again.


7. To change the order of the displayed images, click and drag the image. To replace an image already uploaded with another, click the Change Image/Video button.


To add a caption to the images, click Edit Caption, type the caption in the textbox, and then Save Caption.


8. Select how the image thumbnails will be displayed by clicking one of the three options listed next to Select Thumbnail Layout, located to the left of the Add Media button and underneath the View GalleryEditPublish, and Delete tabs at the top of your module.


9. Click the View Gallery tab at the top of the module to view the gallery.


10. Click the Publish tab at the top of the module to allow others to view the media.


11.  To move the module around the page in relation to other modules, click the View Media tab at the top of your module. A tab labeled Drag to Reorder will appear above the upper right corner of the module. Click and drag the module to the desired location.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.