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Let's Talk ePortfolios!


We know your department might have specific eportfolio needs, some of it program based and some of it technology based.

Your department might be ready to incorporate an eportfolio component into the entire program, but doens't know how. Or, maybe the department is ready, but not sure what that looks like or even if it's possible.


Maybe the department isn't quite there yet, but there's a critical mass that's ready to integrate eportfolios in several courses.


Or maybe the place to start is by building online faculty presence where department members can showcase their research, courses they teach, and more.


Regardless of the department's needs, we are here to help!


If your department or program is interested in discussing ideas we will soon have an email account you can send any thoughts to!


Coming soon:


We have ongoing workshops and a yearly intensive. Check out Academic Innovation & eLearning's calendar for upcoming sessions. Have an idea for a session, email us at ewolfcoach@alaska.edu.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.