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Engineering Experience:


United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)         Jan 2018 - Present

Buffalo, NY                                                                     Hydraulic Engineer

  • Develop hydrologic and hydraulic models to assess floodplain boundaries and inform development of floodplain and flood risk management projects;

  • Utilize GIS and associated tools and extensions to pre-process modeling data and to develop other work products such as floodplain maps; and

  • Design hydraulic aspects of dams, gates, spillways, weirs, levees, diversion channels, as well as ecosystem restoration features such as wetlands, streambank protection, channel grade controls, fishways, and in-stream habitat.

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Buffalo District, Building Strong since 1857

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ARCTEC Alaska                                                              Summer 2016

Anchorage, AK                                                       Engineering Intern

  • Exposed to multiple engineering disciplines and the development of engineering guidelines and specifications.
  • Worked on Over and Above (O&A) projects contracted out by the Air Force.
  • Examined engineering plans and specifications associated with construction, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of engineering systems.
  • Traveled to remote locations to perform site investigations and oversaw the installation of civil engineering systems in accordance with engineering specifications and designs.
  • Coordinated with those in other specialties to ensure completion of tasks and optimum results.

For examples of work completed, click here.

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University of Alaska Anchorage                                       Spring 2016

Anchorage, AK                            Fluid Mechanics Teachers Assistant

  • Reviewed, and evaluated the work of students for technical accuracy, adequacy, and timely completion of laboratory reports.
  • Assisted in data preparation to generate class statistics for the instructor.
  • Assembled and facilitated fluid mechanics labs and assisted in verifying the hydraulic design of the experiments. 
  • Enforced university and classroom rules to aid in teaching students proper behavior.
  • Provided guidance to students struggling with the concepts of hydraulic systems.
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Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

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Department of Transportation                                      Summer 2015

Eagle River, AK                                Construction Engineering Intern

  • Oversaw contractors that were placing concrete, performing dig outs, milling, and paving a roadway. 
  • Managed and evaluated contractor efforts for technical progress and advised the DOT staff in order to facilitate contractor conformance to plans and specifications and to resolve performance issues. 
  • Observed firsthand, among other things, a concrete bridge being poured, culverts being placed, and grade manipulated by borrow A & D-1. 
  • Checked certified payrolls and pay sheet calculations as well as completed measurements for pay items and prepared pay sheets. 
  • Reviewed statements of work (SOW), performance work statements (PWS), cost estimates, and evaluation approaches for DOT technical service contracts.
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McGoey Hauser & Edsall                               Summer of 2012 & 2013

Milford, PA                                                             Engineering Intern

  • Assisted in several civil engineering projects, ranging from structural to environmental engineering. 
  • Executed and developed a dam breach analysis for flood risk assessment purposes.
  • Analyzed and reevaluated structural design calculations.
  • Conducted research via internet and telephone.
  • Worked with computer aided design equipment (AutoCAD) on a daily basis.
  • Created and prepared a master list of CSI preliminary specifications.
  • Performed site inspections and surveying to gather design information for plan specifications.
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