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Format Identificaton Activity


This activity has you fill out a simple worksheet as you look at two examples each of six types of publications. You'll need two things to do this: the worksheet and the examples. If you can't answer a question based on what you're seeing in the examples, answer using what you already know about the different types of formats from your lesson.


1.  Use this worksheet: Unit 3 Exploring Sources - Su16.docx. Download it and fill it out using Word or equivalent (instead of check-marks, just use the letter X). Then resubmit the completed worksheet in Blackboard within the Assignments section.


2. The example documents are linked below. There are two examples for each of the six types of publications. This is so that you can get a better sense of how each type of publication looks and reads.


Popular magazine 1

Popular magazine 2

Academic journal

Academic journal

Academic book 1 (for the Amazon links, be sure to click on the picture of the book to 'look inside' and explore the book)

Academic book 2

Popular book 1

Popular book 2

Encyclopedia 1 (you may need to login with your UA username and password to view these encyclopedias; if they won't load for you, try another web browser)

Encyclopedia 2

Wikipedia 1

Wikipedia 2

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.