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WOZ in the Last Frontier

The Learning Adventure Begins


To experience in the active sense requires that one venture forth into the unfamiliar and experiment with the elusive and the uncertain.  To become an expert one must dare to confront the perils of the new. – Yi-Fu Tuan, Space and Place


My Teaching and Learning Philosophy 

I teach my students.  They learn from me.  
My students teach me.  I learn from my students.  
We are a team on pathways to success...Agents of Change!

I am an educator.  My educational objective is to work energetically to promote the purposeful uses of active and authentic learning strategies and instructional  technologies to design and build interactive, student-centered learning environments that evoke inquiry and creative thinking in ALL students.  I believe and follow John Dewey’s philosophy, “Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”   It is the responsibility of educators to teach beyond the classroom and encourage students to make relevant learning connections in all areas of their lives.  Learning is life, and the process is lifelong.  When we stop learning, we stop evolving.  The number one responsibility of an educator is to instill the joys and wonders of learning in ALL students and clear paths for their continued inquiry and discovery over a lifetime.  Educators open doors to life.  I am an educator.  I clear the pathways to learning success.


Come inside and join me.  Be an Agent of Change.  
Let's Change the World as a team!



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.