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Another Apocalypse


Time for the world to end.

Yet again

We wait for impending doom.


A clash, a splash, a kaboom?


Breaths held tight,

We wish with all our might,

For chaos, havoc, and fear,

But the end is already here.


Our world is all a jumbled mess,

With people caring less and less.

We loosen our grip on our hopes and dreams

And hold more tightly to our screens.


Why do we long for apocalypse?

Why drink from life in such little sips?

Our eyes have dulled and lost their sight.

Our souls sapped of their inner light,

We revel in violence, horror, and pain,

Whatever it takes to feel once again.


And so we say, “Bring on the end!”

But the end never comes,

For it’s already been,

We are dead. We are numb.


December 12, 2012



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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.