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“Don’t cut your hair so short,”

They said,

“It makes you look like a man.”

Then they said,

“A woman should always have a freshly glowing tan,

She should paint her face

To hide her flaws which may make her unique,

She should hold herself with grace and poise,

And wait her turn to speak.”

“She should look like this, and talk like that,”

Was all they ever said,

“Her highest goal, above all else,

Should only be to wed.

She should never, ever eat,”

They said,

“Do you know what food will do?

It could make you fat,

Make you fart,

Or make you go number two!”


“Why must it be like this?”

She cried up to the sky,

“I just want to be myself,”

She said with a soft sigh.


“Don’t be silly!”

They exclaimed,

“It is not your place to say!”


“If not mine, then whose place is it

To send me on my way?

Why can’t a woman be herself

In this modern day and age?

Why can’t a woman choose her path,

And earn an equal wage?”


Finally, they answered,

“It just isn’t done that way.”


But she stood with her head held high,

And she did it anyway.


April 22, 2013



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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.