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Beyond My Size

If you could see beyond my size,

You may glimpse the fire in my eyes.

If you look past my double chin,

You might just find a friendly grin.

I am more than abundant flesh and bone,

And I have a story of my own.

My story has excitement, my story has life,

My story has sorrow, and my story has strife.

I have laughed, and danced,

I have fought, and been romanced.

I have been through thick and thin,

And have lived in each of those skins.

I know how it feels to be lean and trim,

I remember being loved just for being slim.

Some have judged me for my weight,

Some have loved me despite this trait.

The hardest part has been to love myself

When many say I should be something else.

While I struggle with this from time to time,

My body is what it is, my body is mine.

So if ever you see someone like me

Who may be bigger than you think they should be,

I encourage you to do one thing,

Recall that they are a human being.

Their size does not make them lesser than you.

Their weight is not a justification for abuse.

If you could see beyond their size,

What might you find within their eyes?

People are people through and through.

People like me, and people like you.


November 6, 2014


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.