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From Jason to Medea


Lovely lady dressed in white,

Standing in the pale moonlight,

Come into my arms tonight,

Tell me how to win this fight.

Lovely lady, skin aglow,

Tell me secrets soft and slow.

Lovely lady, your love is sold,

Just help me win that fleece of gold.

Lovely lady, your dress is torn.

I see it red in the sun this morn.

Lovely lady, sail away with me.

I will carry you across the sea.

Lovely lady, our journey is done,

But do not despair, we had our fun.

Lovely lady, what do you lack?

Why is your red dress turned to black?

Lovely lady, have mercy please,

Here I kneel down on my knees!

Wanton woman, you are most unkind

To take away these sons of mine!

Alas, the aching agony I feel!

I must be dreaming, this cannot be real...

Oh, how I wish I had never seen the day

That the lovely lady came my way...

So, the hapless harpy ascended into the sky,

Sailing away with a victorious cry,

Never to be seen again

By any women or other men.


But Jason sees her every night.

For in his dreams, she is his plight.


Fall, 2012



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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.