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            There is something soothing about the simplicity of tea

        Sweet and spicy sprigs steeped in a searing sea

     Twirling, swirling steam drifts swiftly up

 As I slowly bring my lips to my cup

So subtle a scent settles into my nose

And with that first sip, seeps into my bones

It smooths out the wrinkles within my soul

My stress melts away, I am once again whole

The spinning of this world seems to cease.

As I submerge my senses, and sigh with relief

Such serums sweep us under their spells

And soak us in their ensorcelled smells

    Tantalizing tastes dance upon my tongue

       And soft songs of sapor are sung

           Now please excuse me while I sink

             Into this                              little drink.

                      splendidly sophisticated


                               November 24, 2014


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.