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Divisional & Academic Support
UAA College of Arts & Sciences

Humanities Division

September 2015 - Present


  • Provide administrative support during the semester schedule process.

  • Prepare fall, spring, and summer schedules and track data.

  • Review schedules for inaccuracies and alert faculty and staff to prevent errors.

  • Assist in communicating with deaf students and ASL tutors.

  • Develop and maintain divisional websites.

  • Maintain master list of full-time faculty and adjunct information.

  • Maintain departmental adjunct hiring pools.

  • Coordinate hiring of terms and adjuncts with faculty for multi-section courses.

  • Prepare preliminary adjunct hiring paperwork.

  • Monitor classroom schedules to ensure courses have a reserved meeting space.

  • Collect information to complete room scheduling and prepare selected topic forms.

  • Submit and track changes to the course schedule via class schedule forms.

  • Organize, submit, and track textbook orders for each semester schedule.

  • Provide administrative and logistical support for annual events.

  • Arrange the use of facilities, services, and equipment for events.

  • Coordinate with other staff to promote department specific events.

  • Prepare newsletters, flyers, and other materials.

  • Work closely with the social media staff and communicate event information.

  • Collect and maintain faculty course syllabi, office hours, and contact information.

  • Coordinate distribution of divisional building and office keys for all faculty and staff.

Please feel free to peruse the websites I developed and now maintain for the Humanities Division:

The CMS used to create and manage these sites is OUCampus.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.