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Assistant to the Associate Dean

UAA College of Education

April 2014 - September 2015


In this position, I performed the following duties for the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage:


Curriculum, Assessment, Accreditation and Research Support:

  • Serve as the liaison to the governance and curriculum offices;

  • Serve as the liaison to assessment accreditation bodies;

  • Help coordinate research efforts in the Associate Dean’s office;

  • Establish COE academic scheduling deadlines and prepare information packets for departments;

  • Coordinate and maintain college catalog submissions, proof copy, and meet required deadlines;

  • Oversee the creation, accuracy, and revision of course schedules for the College, ensure initial schedule proofs are balanced with allotted FTE, and submit the comprehensive schedule;

  • Submit changes, cancellations, and additions to course listings;

  • Coordinate with extended sites and other UAA departments/colleges for team teaching, cross-listed courses and internships;

  • Track the course action requests through the curriculum process and after approval process receipt of final version, update college records and post to college website;

  • Schedule rooms for class meetings, extra study sessions and make changes in classrooms requested throughout the year;

  • Provide support to the College's course & curriculum committee, assessment, accreditation, and research committees by working with the committee chairs to prepare agendas and minutes, and copy and distribute packets to committee members;

  • Schedule course & curriculum committee meetings and distance conferences, reserve rooms, set up distance conferencing equipment, and notify all faculty and staff of meeting events;

  • Notify initiating parties of status which may include changes, delays, problems, and when they appear on agenda;

  • Maintain college course & curriculum, assessment and accreditation records and coordinate with extended campuses;

  • Design appropriate spreadsheets and reports for reporting schedule and enrollment information to the Associate Dean as required and appropriate;

  • Design and develop flyers, brochures and other publications.

  • Assume responsibility for multiple high priority assessment and accreditation projects within the college, including organization, assisting with data collection and consolidation, and assisting with report preparation related to assessment and accreditation projects;

  • Provide support to the College's assessment and accreditation committee by working with the committee chair to prepare agendas and minutes, and copy and distribute packets to committee members;

  • Schedule assessment & accreditation committee meetings and distance conferences, reserve rooms, set up distance conferencing equipment, and notify all faculty and staff of A&A events;

  • Work collaboratively with the Dean and faculty to prepare materials for national accreditation;

  • Respond to national surveys and reports related to assessment and accreditation efforts;

  • Provide information regarding assessment and accreditation processes and deadlines;

  • Provide computer and software expertise to the College serving as Banner and web support for college faculty and staff;

  • Assist with inputting data into UAA assessment system/database;

  • Conduct specific research assignments and maintain CAEP/COE calendar to ensure deadlines are met;

  • Assist with preparation and distribution of an annual report, maintaining documentation and databases required for CAEP accreditation;

  • Assist in preparation of institutional and annual reports including, but not limited to, Title II and AACTE/CAEP PEDS reports;

  • Work with technology services staff to coordinate college's communication systems.

Administrative Support:

  • Provide comprehensive administrative, project and secretarial (including taking, transcribing, distributing and disseminating meeting minutes) support to the Dean while maintaining protocol and handling detailed and sensitive information with discretion and integrity.

  • Coordinate meetings, process action items, maintain signature files, and ensure efficient organization and smooth work-flow process within and outside the COE.

  • Prepare correspondence for the Associate Dean.

  • Maintain office files.

  • See to duplication and binding of reports and materials.

  • Make appointments for meetings with the Dean and retrieve relevant information and materials from various sources for meetings.

  • Make travel arrangements for the Associate Dean.

  • Supports travel requests and reimbursement submissions for the Associate Dean.

  • Track all forms that come through the Dean’s office (academic petitions, change of grade forms, institutional recommendations, applications for admission, tuition waivers, etc.)

  • Greet students, staff, and faculty as they enter the office.

  • Answer front office phone line and check and respond to voicemail.

  • Main point of contact for visitors to facility.

  • Manage visitor access to the Dean’s office.

Facilities Support:

  • Act as liaison to building manager and facilities maintenance departments, including Arctic Office for supplies and office equipment maintenance.

  • Responsible for updating the door lock code to the Dean’s office suite.

  • Responsible for all keys within the College of Education.

  • Ensure each office, desk and cabinet has a key.

  • Maintain appropriate access to keys for faculty and staff within the College of Education, unlocking doors for those who have forgot their keys.

  • Manage ordering and distribution of new keys and key replacements.

  • Maintain inventory of office supplies and equipment.

  • Maintain and troubleshoot office equipment.

Other Support:

  • Assist Dean's office with special projects and reports as initiated and assigned;

  • Provide backup support to the assistant to the Dean when needed and appropriate;

  • Provide backup support to the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of Field Experiences and Certification (COE Student Services) , and department administrative assistants.

  • Lead faculty with day to day guidance regarding curriculum and assessment and accreditation matters.

  • Coordinate with faculty to fill out proper forms & IDEA surveys, enter survey results onto server.

  • Maintain and develop College website, including updates, formatting changes, reorganization, etc.

  • In cooperation with graphic designers, prepare outreach materials such as powerpoint presentations, banners, brochures, posters, fact sheets, and handouts.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.