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Dr. Emily Lescak

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Trapping stickleback on Danger Island. 

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Emily Lescak is an evolutionary biologist using threespine stickleback fish as a model organism to study the influence of host-microbe interactions on somatic and behavioral development. She is working in Dr. Kat Milligan-Myhre's lab. She has received a three year NSF Broadening Participation postdoctoral fellowship to study the influence of exposure to environmentally-relevant levels of antibiotics on development in stickleback.  


Emily earned her PhD from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in fisheries in 2015. Her dissertation research focused on contemporary evolution in threespine stickleback populations from islands in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska that were uplifted due to the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. She spoke about her work on WAMC's Academic Minute


Click here to see her complete list of publications. She has also contributed to the American Fisheries Society Alaska Chapter's Oncorynchus Newsletter.


She is co-chair of the Genetics Society of America's Early Career Researcher Policy Committee, with whom she is developing a monthly e-newsletter. She is also on the 500 Women Scientists Leadership Committee


Previous funding:

Rasmuson Fisheries Board Fellowship

University of Alaska Center for Global Change and Arctic Systems Research

Alaska EPSCoR and INBRE

American Fisheries Society

LGL Limited


Teaching and Outreach:

Courses Taught


University of Alaska Anchorage Introductory Biology

Bioinformatics Workshop, SUNY Cobleskill
University of Alaska Anchorage Ichthyology Lab
University of Alaska Anchorage Teaching and Mentoring in the Sciences
University of Alaska Anchorage Fundamentals of Biology I Lab
University of Alaska Anchorage Animal Behavior Lab

High School
NIH Alaska INBRE Bio-Prep Genetics
University Park Campus School Honors Biology
Bruce Wells Upward Bound Science I


Emily mentors students through the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, the New York Academy of Sciences Next Scholar Program, the Anchorage School District’s Gifted Mentorship Program, and the American Fisheries Society Hutton Program

She has reviewed and contributed to HHMI’s Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab as well as Tinybop’s Plants App and has been a reviewer for the Academic Decathalon.


Check out her list of helpful professional development resources. 

See her profile on the Department of Ladyology Blog.









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