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Joining the UAA team

I joined the UAA team in January of 2014 having spent over 20+ in various public sector leadership positions in Minnesota.  The positions have all focused, one way or another, on blending technology, policy/politics (small "p"), and education/workforce.  It is a journey that I had not envisioned when I graduated college in the 80's but it has been an interesting and eventful journey noe-the-less.


Early years

I lived in Minnesota 50 of 51 years so journeying to the "Last Frontier" represented a major life event for both myself and my family. I grew up in Richfield, Minnesota (not far from Met Stadium, now the home of the Mall of America) in the home where my parents still reside.  



I am married (Lori) with two daughters (Katie and Emma).  All three of them are S

eawolves at UAA - finals are an interesting time at the Wasko house.


My Anchorage Secret

For my friends and colleagues that have not lived in Minnesota, I tell them that my winters were colder and summers hotter then our Achorage climate; I have more than once used the line to kick-off a speech "I came north to Alaska for warmer winters...."



A short personal video gallery....

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This expereince provided years of enjoyment.  Katie went around telling strangers in the coming weeks - "Daddy, caught a big fish!"

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