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Xavier's thoughts on Achievement


A few months ago, Xavier read a book, "John Wooden on Leadership." 


While he was reading this book, Xavier began to understand and appreciate John Wooden’s philosophy on leadership and self-improvement. John Wooden was a UCLA basketball coach who won 10 national titles. During his tenure as coach, his players often mention that Wooden never said the word “win” even once.


Wooden recognized that winning a title was nothing more than winning a game. Winning a game was nothing more than solid defense and offence. Solid defense and offence was nothing more than practicing basketball fundamentals to the point of perfection. By “practicing” the fundamentals of love, charity, and esteem, they created small wins, which grew to become the list of achievements that can be seen to the left.


 One of the many concepts that were reaffirmed to Xavier was to isolate outside pressures on what success was, and to focus on his own ideas and metrics on what success was and how to measure it. Xavier began to realize  that his are nothing more than forms of recognition that are the positive consequences of relentlessly pursuing his passion.

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