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HandMade was an apparel and accessories manufacturer whose sole purpose as a social business is to deliver social benefits by providing homeless and at risk persons with employment, financial stability, and emotional support. Our secondary service is to link markets to producers across the supply chain so that small producers and service providers can participate more effectively in trade. By fostering innovative market solutions to pressing social needs, such as preserving traditional and indigenous garbs during the age of globalization in the state of Alaska and around the world that can be replicable and self-sustainable over time.

As a social business; our responsibility lays equally to our employees our customers and the environment because as a social business our purpose is to serve all three:

  • Our responsibility to our employees is to enable financial stability and to further develop the aspect of opportunity within their lives.

  • Our responsibility to our customers is to provide economically feasible, fashionable, green, locally made clothing apparel and accessories.

  • Our responsibility to the environment is to help in its preservation

HandMade was active in 2012, Xavier hopes to bring HandMade back by fall of 2015.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.