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"I AM UAA" features exceptional UAA students, faculty, and staff. They wrote a feature article on Xavier in November 2012:




"When Xavier Mason was spotted last summer working a booth at Anchorage’s Saturday Market he wasn’t selling his own handmade creations. He was selling scarves, beadwork and jewelry; the work of local homeless men and women in our community. In addition to being a stellar student at UAA studying business management, Xavier has started his own sole proprietorship called HandMade. HandMade was established to help Anchorage’s homeless population get back on their feet by providing the opportunity to work for a company and put that name on a resume. “When looking for employees, a lot of employers look for work history,” Xavier explains. “HandMade supplies work history by helping [clients] improve their skills and adaptability in different work environments. It’s a stepping stone.”


To read the rest,follow this link: http://greenandgold.uaa.alaska.edu/blog/10467/i_am_uaa_xavier_mason/.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.